• Hello World!

    Welcome to my new WordPress Blog for 2022! This is my first post. Not much to see yet. Check back.

  • Nursing Block 2 – NUR 172

    Today we began a short unit on Mental Health nursing. Basically an introductory history of Mental Health from the time of Aristotle (300 BC) to the present day. We also focused on types of care settings, Mental Health Nursing, and the factors that can affect mental health. We had a short discussion on the types of therapy that are in use. (Individual psychoanalysis to milieu therapy and others. We discussed mental heal treatment history – from Freud to Dix.

    A short lecture, we left class about 25 minutes early.

  • Did I Mention I’m In Nursing School?

    I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor of Science degree at the Edson School of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University. I’m also concurrently enrolled at Estrella Mountain Community College where I am working my way through nursing lectures, lab, and clinical experiences. I anticipate graduation in May of 2023.

    I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting here as a way to document my learning experience and class notes. I’ll post links here to Quizletts that I create or have found useful. The class begins Tuesday. I’m excited, but right now I have a lot of reading to get through before the lecture on Tuesday Morning.